My husband, James Angelo, thinking of his childhood and his all time favorite pastime HO Scale,
decided it was time to start collecting slot cars again!

After endless traveling to many hobby shops for vintage Aurora Thunderjet 500 Slot Cars and
coming up with nothing, the Internet came to mind.

Initial searches revealed that indeed, vintage Slot Cars & Accessories are readily available
Angelo found many of the cars and accessories he sought, but most were only available by
purchasing large quantities.  He would get what he wanted and many more items..... So, purchase
the large quantities we did!!!!
How many more people out there were watching those same large lots and wanting just one or
two items and not willing to buy the whole thing for just those?

His "PASSION" for these little cars was putting a big dent in our budget as well as taking up
valuable space in our modest size home.......

Angelo's Attic came to be in the spring of 2004!!

After several initial large purchases, we began to liquidate the items that were not on his wish
list! Now, all those wonderful slot cars and accessories could find a new home.

Angelo's Attic specializes in HO Scale Slot Cars and Trains and all related accessories for both
passions! Aurora Plastics Corp. T- Jets and accessories are our favorites!!

Occasionally we will have AFX, TYCO, LIONEL, REVELL, MONOGRAM, FALLER, ATLAS, 1/24, or 1/32
Scale Slot Cars and accessories available in the Attic as well as HO trains and accessories.

Today, after 27 years involved in prototype and production Automotive Tooling and
Manufacturing here in the greater Detroit area, James Angelo has retired from his highly skilled
craftsman Tool Makers job and is putting all his journeyman's experience into his favorite thing
to do, restore, rebuild, fully customize and scratch build


I am his wife Kimberly and have also become very active in the Attic! I have added some very
unique, one of a kind, detailed handcrafted scratch built buildings to our selections!!

Be assured that every vintage slot car and accessory item that enters the attic is cleaned and
restored to its Original Brand New Condition!!!!!
We remove all of the dirt, oil, rust, dust, excess paint and decals and return them to their original
factory condition.

Also His interest in Building CUSTOM WOODWORKING has never diminished and we also offer
some very interesting items!!!
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